Keldee Brand Development

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Project overview

Keldee came to us looking for a brand that was flexible. That could eventually be split into sub brands focused on specific services; Masonry, Landscaping, Lawn maintenance, and Excavation. In the interim we were tasked with creating the overarching parent brand.

strong. modular. flexible.

Client Profile

Keldee is a growing name in the Kitchener-Waterloo landscape business. They pride themselves on high quality, modern design, and personable customer service.


Knowing the brand may need to expand across a number of different services we wanted to create something that was flexible yet focused. We asked Keldee what the most important division of the brand will be. Informing us that hardscaping and masonry work are the heart and soul of the business we started there.

Looking at the masonry process and end results we found that some very interesting intersections are made when examined on a macro scale.

Flexible and Focused


What came from our visual explorations was the insight that we could create a mark that emulated these intersections while creating the 'K' in Keldee. The supporting visuals for the brand are strong modular text, and vibrant images juxtaposed with the dark brown screened images. The brand was then deployed across a number of mediums including printed brochures, folded business cards, signage, and a website.