KTS Labs website

Website Development

Project overview

KTS Global approached us to help create the launch page for their new product KTS Labs. The objective of the site is to generate interest, inform potential customers, and encourage signing up for training.

Client Profile

KTS Global is a leader in mobile device management education. Their new product, KTS Labs, is the next step in the companies evolution. A virtual desktop platform that will allows the user to launch any software in a safe controlled environment. The platforms main functions include software training and testing. The client opted to provide all video and branding elements.


Our initial research revolved around creating an interactive element for the landing page. Because KTS Labs are a 'fictional' space most of our research revolved around virtual reality. KTS Global, the parent company, wanted a site that fit within their existing brand while allowing space for the Labs brand to develop into it's own entity. We worked closely with Meta Studios to build out the website