Kelly & Patrick Letterpress Wedding invitations

Invitations | Letterpess

Project overview

Invitations for a modern, rustic, Celtic, sports themed wedding. The invites were the only printed pieces going out to guests. All other corespondents including RSVP were done online. This meant this single piece had to carry the weight of setting the tone for the event.

Modern, Rustic, Sports theme

Client Profile

Both Kelly and Patrick are young, avid sports fans and athletes. The wedding was held at a high end golf course and many of the decorations were earthy and rustic.


Keeping in mind the invitations set the president for the rest of the wedding I made certain to touch on the important aspects of Kelly and Patrick's theme. I began by investigating the integration of the sports theme. Followed by the illustration for each families Celtic crest and finally picking the perfect printing process and paper to complete the rustic theme.

Letter Press printed on 100% Cotton paper


These three distinct investigations culminated in an invitation mirrored after a sporting event ticket printed on thick cotton paper. Kelly, Patrick, and their guests received the invites with great enthusiasm. The tactile experience of letter press printing and cotton paper met the needs of the rustic theme, while modern typefaces kept the invites from feeling dated.


Paper - 110lb Crane's Lettera Pearl 100% Cotton by Neenah Paper
Print process - Letterpress
Typefaces - Archer & Railway